XCMG launches 700-ton excavator and a corrosion resistant loader

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 27 Aug 2018

L-R: XCMG's corrosion-resistant ZL50G loader and the 700-ton excavator

China-based Xuzhou construction machinery group (XCMG), a construction machinery company, has launched a 700-ton hydraulic excavator and a redeveloped loader for some of the largest salterns of South America.

Mining giant claims 30 thousand tons of coal in 8 hours

XCMG’s 700-ton hydraulic excavator, said to be China’s largest excavator, is driven by two 1,700 horsepower motors, almost more than two Type 99 Main Battle Tanks (MBT). Weighing almost 500 ordinary sedans and 23.5 metres long, its bucket has a width of 5 metres and a capacity of 34 cubic metres. The company claims that the bucket can dig more than 50 tons of coal each time.

XCMG also claims to have the largest tonnage in China through its dual-power assembly coupling control system, high-pressure system intelligent monitoring and fault self-diagnosis technology, modularisation dual-power hydraulic driving system and auto-oil supply self-adaptive chassis tension system with 52 independent patents. The company claims that with this launch, China has become the fourth country having R&D and manufacturing capacity for 700-ton and above hydraulic excavator after Germany, Japan and America.

Tackling corrosion with special coating and nylon sleeves

The customised ZL50G loaders from XCMG come with a coat of an indigenously developed anti-corrosion solution that is sprayed at over 200 micrometres thick on the surfaces of the machinery, bucket, boom and cabin as well as putting on a special nylon protective sleeve on the exposed exterior pipes.

The company says that the machineries have been developed especially for the Salinor saltern in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, which is the largest saltern in South America.

Jiansen Liu, assistant president of XCMG and general manager of XCMG import and export, said, “This job required that all of the vehicles be corrosion-resistant, and they have performed brilliantly for the client; even after years of operation they will still shine like new. With all-around corrosion resistant technology and full lifecycle solutions, XCMG's 'Advanced and Endurable' loaders are creating greater value for clients at reasonable cost, and they are being recognised by more companies in the Brazilian market.”

In March 2018, XCMG claimed to have hit an all-time high export of articulated dumper in China with 70 sets (including excavators, articulated trucks, loaders, amongst others) to Central Asia and South Africa.

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