VW lets buyers witness birth of their e-Golf

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Jan 2019

German car major, Volkswagen has introduced a new initiative for its customers to experience first-hand on what goes behind making their car. The company says customers can now get a much closer look at their electric-Golf during production.

At its Transport Factory, Dresden, Germany, the customer can accompany their vehicle a part of the way along the production line. Under guidance of the factory’s employees, the customer is able to actively get involved at four stations, for instance, when installing the dash panel. Other places where the customer can experience the assembly of their vehicle include joining the powertrain to the body (marriage) and installing the front radiator grille. With the new possibility of accompanying production, the Volkswagen Transparent Factory is expanding its range of services in respect of the electric mobility experience.

Arnd Meyer-Clasen, head of Sales, Volkswagen said, “The Transparent Factory is the showcase of e-mobility of Volkswagen. In addition to test drives, configuration and delivery of the e-Golf, another highlight we now offer is the ability to follow production. With us, not only are customers able to be there during the production of their car, but can also get involved themselves. Electric mobility that you can touch: this experience is unique in the automotive world.”

The opportunity to follow production can be booked when ordering the e-Golf from the dealer.