VW and Audi’s ‘Charge & Fuel Card’ gives e-vehicles 6 months of free power in Germany

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Nov 2014

Nationwide current load and fuel tank up with just one card. Klaus Allofs (Managing VfL Wolfsburg), Gerhard Künne (CEO of Volkswagen Leasing) and Thomas Lieber (Head Electric Traction Volkswagen cars)

The benefits of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids in Germany are getting much more convenient. The ‘Charge & Fuel Card’ allows a customer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Audi, in January 2015, Germany to regain power and conventional fuel. Using a map of Volkswagen Financial Sevices, they benefit from attractive, transparent rates. A card charge will be in and in the first half of 2015 can even completely free load current.

"With the 'Charge & Fuel Card' and the accompanying ‘Charge & Fuel app’, there’s comfortable handling of e-mobility in everyday life," says Gerhard Künne, CEO of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH Künne further. "Refueling, la-den and pay is thus easier than ever. This is not only for home users to electrically driven vehicles is a great advantage, but especially for drivers of plug-in hybrids. In particular benefit fleet customers who manage fleets of different types of drive." 

Dear Thomas, Head of Electric Traction Volkswagen Passenger Cars, adds: "The 'Charge & Fuel Card' combines the classic fuel card for the first time with the ability to load current. It allows access to nationwide more than 1,200 public charging stations stations of the operator RWE, EnBW and charger. In addition, cash at around 10,800 service stations in the network of specialists UTA fuel tank be obtained. Services such as car wash can be paid." Until now individual providers had each charging decentralized and on different terms and driver of e-vehicles must hold up to 40 cards, codes or other authentications. Now only one card or an app is necessary for authentication and billing of all charge and sales of gas stations in the co-operation partners. The charging infrastructure partner meets the highest technical requirements, is quality-checked and therefore reliable.

The complimentary free Charge & Fuel app shows the current availability of charging stations as well as important information about charging recharge time and costs. The app is available in combination with the card for Android and iOS devices. In the period 1 January to 30 June 2015, a cardholder can free load current. 


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