Visteon solves screen glare in vehicle displays with TrueColor

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 25 Jun 2022

Automotive display solutions company Visteon Corporation has introduced an image processing algorithm that preserves and improves the cockpit display image quality across the full range of ambient light conditions.

The company’s TrueColor Image Enhancement enables automotive displays to achieve the image quality expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumer.

Harsh sunlight conditions in an automotive environment can make it difficult for drivers and passengers to see what is being displayed in the cockpit. Visteon’s TrueColor effectively overcomes brightness and glare to maintain the legibility of safety information. TrueColor Image Enhancement is a self-contained, hardware/software-based solution for vehicle displays.

The ISO15008 standard sets minimum legibility requirements for characters, fonts and symbols shown on vehicle displays. Screen legibility often deteriorates in bright ambient sunlight conditions with harsh reflections. TrueColor promotes compliance to this standard. This improves the user experience and improves the visibility of contents.


What is TrueColor?
Visteon’s TrueColor is a dynamic algorithm solution that improves the legibility of the entire display. A proprietary integration of hardware and software components, TrueColor improves the image quality without introducing unwanted colour shifts or image artifacts. Safety indicators, brand design and fine details remain visible in bright light. Moreover, according to Visteon, TrueColor displays require less power than other technology.

Keeping the cockpit display content legible in bright sunlight conditions is a particular challenge. Drivers increasingly expect the consistent high image-quality of their mobile phones and digital devices. Our TrueColor solution maintains display readability in bright sunlight conditions. The integrated solution operates with seamless, continuous, and instantaneous precision. With TrueColor, drivers and passengers see brilliant image quality in all lighting conditions,” said Jim Carpenter, Senior Director of Displays Engineering.




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