Visteon peps up DriveCore Studio autonomous driving platform with Microsoft Azure cloud

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 09 Jan 2019

Visteon Corporation, the leading automotive cockpit technology company, is enhancing its DriveCore Studio autonomous driving development environment through software from Microsoft Corp. that maximizes the power and scalability of the cloud.

DriveCore Studio – part of Visteon’s DriveCore autonomous driving platform – now allows developers to tap into Microsoft Azure cloud, Microsoft’s global, hyper-scale intelligent cloud, to develop, test and validate algorithms. With global coverage from data center regions worldwide, the Microsoft solution brings highly scalable levels of processing power to DriveCore Studio, allowing automakers and developers to securely meet the computing demands of Level 3-plus autonomous systems.

DriveCore was designed as a complete technology platform, consisting of the hardware, in-vehicle middleware and PC-based software toolset needed to develop machine learning algorithms for autonomous driving applications of Level 3 and above.

A cloud-based development environment, DriveCore Studio enables automakers and partners to create and support an ecosystem of algorithm developers, unlocking innovation potential through an open framework for developing algorithms using sensor-based artificial intelligence. It allows easy integration of third-party algorithms and access to real-life sensor data – complemented by a simulation, validation and benchmarking environment for perception algorithms for object detection and feature-based path planning.

“Meeting the computing demands of Level 3-plus autonomous driving solutions will require collaboration from multiple companies offering specific expertise,” said Markus Schupfner, Visteon senior vice president and chief technology officer. “DriveCore Studio on Microsoft Azure enables Visteon to reach more customers and developers, and speed up our autonomous development efforts. This is a prime example of seamlessly integrating cloud solutions within the automotive cockpit environment to benefit global vehicle manufacturers.”

Visteon is hosting demonstrations of DriveCore at CES 2019, where it will also showcase the integration of DriveCore with its SmartCore cockpit domain controller. The integration of these two platforms – combined with artificial intelligence and a new breed of larger, curved displays – establishes a new architecture to enable the new requirements of electric and automated vehicles.

CES 2019 marks Visteon’s 20th year as an exhibitor, which ranks the company among the longest-running show participants in the automotive industry. For those attending CES, Visteon can be found in Central Plaza Pavilion 13.


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