Thinkcar launches smartphone compatible diagnostic tool for vehicles

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 19 Jul 2019

Thinkcar OBD launched what is claimed to be the world’s smallest and the most powerful diagnostic tool for vehicles. It empowers one to transform the phone into a professional-grade diagnostic tool. The Thinkcar OBD II Scan Tool connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth, easily transferring the fault codes and data from the vehicle’s on board computer.

According to Marshark, a crowd-funding strategist that officially launched the new OBD system, using your phone as your personal 24/7 mechanic makes car maintenance easy. With Thinkcar’s mobile app, anyone can diagnose and identify the root of their vehicle’s problems, regardless of technical knowledge or experience. By better understanding the car, the owner can decide whether it needs full servicing or just a touch of DIY repair, potentially saving heaps of money from unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

Highlighting the benefits of the new system, Thinkcar claims that the conventional OBD tools can only scan four major parts of a car, whereas Thinkcar will provide a fully comprehensive test, assessing additional systems of the vehicle such as its ABS, gearbox, and engine. This allows the owner to enjoy full control over their car’s systems.

On top of this tool’s excellent intuition, mechanics using Thinkcar’s app can access the vehicle’s data from anywhere, regardless of distance. Even if the OBD data looks complicated, it is being assured that anyone with the Thinkcar app can connect to the car and help resolve any concerns.

Thnkcar obd in the car

Thinkcar OBD in the car

Taking inspiration from aviation technology, the Thinkcar scan tool features a blackbox function. OBD data from the vehicle is recorded and stored in real time allowing access to access historical data of the car through the app. In the event of a crash or a motor accident, the Thinkcar 1 or 1S functions as a standalone ‘Event Data Recorder’. Saved data can be reviewed by technicians to analyze the root cause of the vehicles issues.

Marshark has announced that Thinkcar 1 and 1S will be launching on kickstarter as of July 29th.