Sony to set up new electric mobility company

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 05 Jan 2022

In order to further accelerate and make new proposals for the evolution of the mobility experience, Sony is aiming at establishing an operating company ‘Sony Mobility Inc’ in the spring of 2022, over the next few months. Through this company, it intends to explore entry into the EV market.

The new company will aim to make the best use of AI and robotics technologies. With VISION-S, which contributes to the evolution of mobility, together with the autonomous entertainment robot aibo and the drone Airpeak, Sony will seek to continue to create new value in a variety of fields.

Sony’s Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida also showcased the UV-type prototype vehicle (VISION-S 02) at CES 2022 as a new form factor and speaking about the new mobility company he added that, “Sony is well-positioned as a ‘creative entertainment company’ to redefine mobility.” This vehicle uses the same EV/cloud platform as the prototype (VISION-S 01), which is being tested on public roads. By offering entertainment experiences utilising the large interior space and variations of a 7-seater, this new prototype will, together with VISION-S 01, promote the accommodation of a large variety of lifestyles within a society.

Yoshida who spoke at Sony’s press conference held on January 4 ahead of the exhibition’s public opening, added that, “Throughout the past two challenging years, we have reaffirmed the importance of our Purpose. We want to enable people to connect more deeply with those who share the same interests and form stronger bonds within their communities.” 

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