Skoda top patent filer among Czech firms in 2019

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Jul 2020

Skoda Auto has reported that it filed 94 patent applications last year, more than any other company in the Czech Republic. Skoda’s number of patent applications has been continuously increasing for years, and many of the innovations may be used in the brand’s models.

The carmaker had 94 new ideas protected in 2019, more than twice as many as in 2017. After the Czech Technical University in Prague, Skoda holds second place in its home country in terms of the number of patent applications; the car manufacturer ranks first among all Czech companies. The innovations developed at Skoda predominantly originate in the Technical Development and Production departments.

Christian Strube, Skoda Auto Board Member for Technical Development, said, “The innovative strength of our employees is part of Skoda Auto’s DNA. With every new patent application we file, we’re adding yet another chapter to Skoda’s story as a modern and innovative car manufacturer.”

By filing official patent and utility models applications, the company protects its intellectual property from unauthorised use and secures its unique selling points and existing competitive edge. In addition to technical innovations, Skoda also protects its brand-typical Simply Clever features. The Skoda Scooter – a sustainable, practical mobility solution for the last mile that can be easily folded and stored in the boot in just a few simple steps – is registered as a protected utility model, for example.

The list of protected innovations also includes carpet mats made of hollow fibre fabric, which are particularly easy to clean and on which dirt is hardly visible. Skoda has also obtained a utility model for illuminated seatbelt buckles, which make it easier to fasten your seat belt in the dark.

In addition, the car manufacturer has also filed an application with Czech authorities for an innovative method of securing luggage and other items. Using a flexible cargo element, boxes, crates and other objects can be positioned more securely in the boot alongside luggage. It can be placed anywhere in the boot and prevents loaded items from getting damaged during a journey. If necessary, the element can be easily taken apart and attached to the boot floor using hook-and-loop fasteners.

Skoda has also been filing applications for new technological solutions devised for use in production. One of these is a camera system which is used to precisely align parts of the car body before welding. As the modern measuring system allows the body to be optimally positioned right from the start, the welding process is faster and the time required for mechanically aligning the parts is reduced. Four cameras determine the position of the car body and allow the path of the robots, i.e. the movements of the welding robots, to be quickly adjusted.



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