Schaeffler showcases innovative actuator solutions at the VDI Congress

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 27 Jun 2018

At the 18th International VDI Congress, themed as ‘Drivetrain for Vehicles’, Schaeffler has presented its solutions for the internal combustion engine, hybridised, and electrified powertrains. The focus this year is also on the highly-integrated electromechanical actuator for multi-speed electric axles and the integrated parking lock actuator.


Schaeffler’s electric axle actuator (EAA) for particularly energy-efficient actuation of multi-speed electric axle systems.

Schaeffler’s electric axle actuator (EAA) will go into volume production this year and is an example of how transmission actuators are used in hybrid and electric vehicles. The EAA is based on the proven active interlock transmission actuator with integrated interlocking but operates without a selector axis. It features two adjustment motors that are controlled only when gears must be engaged or disengaged. Except for a minimal idling current, the company claims that this actuator has almost zero energy losses. Schaeffler not only provides the hardware but also develops the software to ensure optimum performance in the entire system.


The Schaeffler parking lock actuator (PLA) can be easily integrated into existing electric axle systems or dedicated hybrid transmissions.

Schaeffler’s integrated parking lock actuator (PLA) was developed as an efficient actuation module for the parking lock function in electric vehicles. This actuator has a weight of less than only 460 grams and requires very little installation space. According to Schaeffler, it can be integrated into electric axle systems or dedicated hybrid transmissions in an optimum manner. The reduced complexity of the parking lock’s mechanical system in the transmission also ensures the above-average durability of more than 150,000 load cycles per unit.