Quantron appoints electromobility expert Rene-Christopher Wollmann as CTO

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Nov 2021

German system provider of clean battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility for commercial vehicles Quantron has appointed Rene-Christopher Wollmann, as its new chief technology officer (CTO).

Wollmann will assume overall responsibility at Quantron for commercial vehicle and component developments and the expansion of hydrogen development with partner Ballard Power. He has a degree in electrical engineering and draws on extensive knowledge and experience in the e-mobility industry. He has worked at Mercedes-AMG for around ten years. Among other things, Wollmann has held leadership positions in the all-electric SLS AMG electric drive sports car project and headed the high-tech ONE hypercar project - the first production sports car with a hybrid drive system with an integrated Formula 1 engine. Most recently, he was the head of electric sports cars at a high-tech e-mobility startup, where he was responsible for a fully electric hypercar with 1,900 hp.

Andreas Haller, CEO of Quantron said: “René Wollmann’s expertise combines e-mobility with dynamics. He is thus an ideal fit for Quantron and our goals and values.”

Rene-Christopher Wollmann: “The incredible agility and speed of the experienced Quantron team paired with the visions and goals of Quantron offers me and the team the opportunity to quickly generate customer-oriented sustainability with impact. An unprecedented opportunity for me for a beneficial, real measurable and global CO2 impact!”

Michael Perschke, CEO, Quantron: “Rene is a perfect fit for Quantron. I have already worked with him successfully and trustfully in the past. His strengths such as expertise, speed of implementation, pragmatism and social skills are a perfect fit for an agile innovator like Quantron.”

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