One in three motorcyclists uses a smartphone during their journey: Bosch

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 28 Sep 2018

A fair number of two-wheeler riders in India resort to using their smartphone while riding, which is extremely dangerous.

Connected motorcycles? Using a smartphone on a two-wheeler while on the road? It’s a situation that is as common in India as in Germany. 

As it turns out, a survey conducted by Bosch and Innofact AG now indicates that nearly 90 percent of the motorcyclists polled in Germany use a smartphone at some point during their journey – for example, to plan their route or during stops. One-third (34 percent) of respondents actually reach for their smartphones during the journey – behaviour that is extremely dangerous. 

The survey indicates that motorcyclists want to use their smartphones while riding, but Bosch says this s needs to be done safely – both for the riders themselves and for other road users. That is why the company developed the mySPIN smartphone integration tool. Its objective is to keep riders from being distracted. “Making the roads safer without decreasing biking enjoyment or changing the nature of riding a motorcycle – that is what we want to achieve,” says Geoff Liersch, head of the Two-Wheeler & Powersports unit at Bosch.

More safety, less distraction
With the mySPIN smartphone integration tool, riders can view their smartphone screens on the motorcycle display. mySPIN trims down smartphone apps so that the display shows only the most important information.

Once the phone is connected to the two-wheeler, the rider can use buttons and control knobs on the handlebars to access data on the phone display, such as contacts, calendars, or even favourite apps. Inter-app communication makes it easier, for instance, to enter route destinations thanks to direct access to the contacts stored on the phone.

The system is linked with the motorcycle’s CAN bus and the cloud. So if the motorcycle’s tank is running low, for example, the biker can be informed in advance about gas stations in the vicinity. Bosch collaborates with several app partners on mySPIN, including Calimoto, Sygic and Mireo.

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