Nissan sells 417,913 vehicles globally in November 2019, down 10.3%

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 26 Dec 2019

Nissan has recently released its monthly sales report for the month of November 2019 and the document shows that Nissan has sold a total of 417,913 vehicles in the month. A decline of 10.3 percent in comparison to November 2018 figures.

Nissan November 2019 sales

In the year to date, January to November, Nissan sold a total of 4,719,675 vehicles globally. An 8 percent degrowth as compared to past year figures (Jan-Nov,2018: 5,128,900). The company saw its biggest decline in sales from the Japanese and the Russian markets. While its PV sales in Japan declined by 29 percent as compared to November 2018, the company saw a YoY decline of 27 percent from the Russian markets. Nissan’s biggest market, China (November 2019:148,582 units), saw a YoY decline of 1 percent in comparison to November 2018 figures.

Nissan November 2019 production

Production-wise, Nissan produced 14.1 percent less vehicles in the month of November (427,948 units) as compared to the same month last year. Its biggest drop in production came from Spain. At 3,769 units, Spain produced 51 percent lesser vehicles for Spain in comparison to 2018. Here again, China, Nissan’s biggest vehicle producer (150,263) saw a dip in production by 4.4 percent. Other countries which includes India along with Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, France, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan and Thailand produced a total of 65,806 units for Nissan, a YoY dip of 12.5 percent. Nissan’s total production number from Japan in the month of November 2019 is 65,092 units, a YoY decline of 17.8 percent.

Nissan November 2019 exports

Exports seem to be the only part of the document that shows a bright side for Nissan.  Nissan exported a total of 3,667 vehicles from its Japan plant to European countries, a YoY rise of 984 percent. With total exports from Japan standing at 47,089 units (YoY growth of 10.8%), Nissan claims that its exports from Japan in November surpassed the year-earlier results for the second consecutive month.