Nissan and Mitsubishi expand collaboration, to launch new sub-compact cars

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Mar 2019

Japanese carmakers, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors have announced that they will introduce four new mini-vehicles (sub-compact cars) in Japan through their joint venture, as the partners continue to expand their collaboration.

The carmakers announced that they have begin production of the all-new Nissan Dayz, Nissan Dayz Highway Star, Mitsubishi eK wagon and Mitsubishi eK X at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima Plant in Kurashiki, Japan. This the company says is the first time that the models will be offered with semi-autonomous driving technology, which is designed for single-lane use on highways.

NMKV, Japan's first joint venture between automotive companies, integrated Nissan’s advanced technologies and Mitsubishi’s extensive experience in mini-vehicle production into the tall wagon-type cars. In 2013, the companies launched the first generation of the models and have increased their collaboration since becoming Alliance partners in 2016. In February 2019, the all-new Nissan Livina, which shares a platform with the Mitsubishi Xpander, went on sale in Indonesia.

The partners state that the new models deliver improved performance, with upgraded platforms, engines and transmissions. They also feature all-new design. While the Nissan and Mitsubishi mini-vehicles share key components, they retain separate brand features. The models are slated to go on sale later this month.

At a ceremony at the Mizushima Plant, Mitsubishi Motors chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko; Nissan senior vice-president, Asako Hoshino and NMKV president and CEO Junichi Endo pledged to keep working together.

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