Mercedes-Benz unveils Vision EQXX

by Mayank Dhingra 05 Jan 2022

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX, all all-electric concept showcased at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas was developed in the last 18 months, mostly spent under the threat of Covid 19.  It blends several futuristic and traditional elements, creating a retro-modern look. While the front end has been designed to look like a sportscar with a digital LED headlights, joined by an LED bar running across the width of the front bumper, the roofline tapers sharply towards the rear, creating a coupe-like stance.

The concept features flush-sitting door handles, aero-optimised alloy wheels and the ‘inverted-U-shaped’ LED tail lamp strip. According to the company, the exterior styling is aerodynamically optimised to create an extremely low drag coefficient of 0.18Cd.

On the inside, the cabin uses sustainable materials such as bio-steel, vegan leather derived from mushrooms and carpets made from bamboo fibres. A 47.5-inch display that runs across the width of a minimalist dashboard combines both infotainment as well as instrument cluster in 8K resolution.

The Vision EQXX deploys a prototype of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz EV drivetrain slated to enter production in 2024. It gets a 100kWh li-ion battery pack with a high silicon content that allows it to operate at over 900 Volts. The battery powers a single-motor setup that drives the rear wheels by producing 204hp.

Apart from a 35 percent lighter battery pack, as compared to the EQS sedan, the use of a lightweight carbon fibre subframe and 117 solar cells on the roof are factors that have contributed to this breakthrough driving range. The company said the solar cells can contribute up to 25km to range over the course of a day.  Size-wise, the Vision EQXX could be the equivalent of the C-Class sedan, and is expected to sit below the EQE sedan. 

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