LG Energy Solutions announces global Battery Innovation Contest

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Aug 2021

LG Energy Solution, a global leader delivering advanced lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, mobility, IT applications, and energy storage systems (ESS) has announced 'Battery Innovation Contest', a global competition for the public. Through the event, LG Energy Solution aims to spur active research within the battery industry. The event is open for entry from August 9th until the end of September.

Scholars of universities and research institutes, interested in expanding industry-academia partnerships and a next-generation's innovative technology are invited to take part and submit their proposals via the official website for 'Battery Innovation Contest.'

The company says although open to various themes, some of the anticipated topics may evolve around the super safe battery, long lifecycle, low-cost, solid-state electrolyte, and next-generation battery.

The overall research topics include –

  • Next-gen. anode material – Silicon oxide, Silicon-carbon composite, pure-Si, conversion materials, alloy materials, Lithium metal, lithiophilic layer
  • Next-gen cathode material – High Ni, Lithium rich cathode, Manganese rich, single crystal, Cobalt free, Sulfur, Sulfur-carbon composite
  • Advanced Electrolyte – Ionic liquid, non-flammable electrolyte, antioxidant electrolyte, high ionic conductivity electrolyte
  • Solid electrolyte – Oxide electrolyte, Sulfide electrolyte, polymer based electrolyte, Hybrid electrolyte
  • Battery management system – Wireless BMS, Sensor, Remaining Useful Life, SOX prediction, control, communication
  • Computational modelling – AI central processing model, synthetic simulation, Automatic analysis
  • Others – Other areas that need innovative solutions

A committee of internal experts will evaluate the research proposals/entries based on originality and marketability of the techniques. The nominated proposals will be individually notified in November.

Nominated universities and research institutions will be granted with up to $150,000 (Rs 11 lakh) of research and development expenses annually, as well as opportunities to exchange technologies by dispatching researchers from LG Energy Solution for at least a year.

Myung-hwan Kim, chief production and procurement officer and the head of the battery research center at LG Energy Solution said: "LG Energy Solution aims to do its utmost to lead the battery industry by actively utilising the outcomes of innovative researches shown from the' Battery Innovation Contest. The contest will provide various opportunities for international scholars so they can give their best work in battery-related research."

LG Energy Solution will host the digital edition of the 'LG Energy Solution Innovation Forum 2021', for discussions on next-generation batteries with renowned scholars including Nobel laureate in June.

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