Kistler to focus on connectivity and resource efficiency at Motek 2019

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Sep 2019

Kistler, the global leader in dynamic measurement technology for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration, is to showcase highlights from its portfolio at the Motek 2019 fair in Stuttgart next month (October 7-10).

Visitors to Stand 4508 in Hall 4 will learn how electromechanical systems can implement precise control of joining processes with maximum resource efficiency. The digitalisation of industry is continuing to gain ground, and will be the key theme at this year’s Motek.

To drive the digitalisation of production ahead, the Swiss measurement technology experts offer maXYmos 1.7 – now with OPC UA capability. Kistler's stand will also feature cerTEST, the mobile inspection system for fast and accurate testing of torque tools.

In assembly technology just as in other sectors, networking and connectivity are critical factors in achieving efficiency gains and establishing digital services. As a provider of holistic solutions, Kistler is working intensively to network measurement technology and process monitoring as closely as possible with the production environment.

Electromechanical joining
To reduce the carbon footprint and make efficient use of resources, Kistler offers a complete portfolio of seven electromechanical joining systems that cover various force and/or displacement ranges. As compared to hydraulic or pneumatic systems, they achieve up to 90 percent more efficiency – and with electronic control, they can be regulated with far greater precision.

At the Kistler stand, visitors can witness a live demo of three joining modules – NCFT, NCFN and NCFR. Three applications (spring testing, interlocking and blocking force) will be demonstrated as examples to show how electromechanical systems function and to highlight their benefits. The NCFE module will also be on show: this is an exceptionally cost-effective solution for simple joining processes in the force range from 10 to 80 kN – a straightforward and effective way to permanently reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Digitalisation of the measuring chain
With the new 1.7 software version, OPC UA capability has now been added to Kistler’s process monitoring systems in the maXYmos NC series (joining systems) as well as the maXYmos TL series (force-displacement monitoring and torque measurement). This advance makes it easier to connect the systems to machine controls, and facilitates communication with higher-level control and management systems. Numerous new functions have also been added:

- The displacement sensor (internal or external) can now be switched over at any time for measurement or evaluation
- New Home button for enhanced user comfort
- Users can now perform brake tests directly on maXYmos NC via the GUI
- Precise positioning in jogging mode (maXYmos NC)
- History curves can be downloaded from maXYmos via an offline tool

Last year, Kistler passed another milestone on the journey towards digitalization of the entire measuring chain with the launch of its digital charge amplifier 5074A. Known as the dICA (digital Industrial Charge Amplifier), it is Ethernet-compatible and offers a very wide measuring range from 20 to 1,000,000 pC. Highlights include real-time control of production processes as well as data transmission rates of up to 50 kSps per channel. Protection class IP67 also makes the dICA suitable for operation in harsh environments. No measurement values are stored on the device itself – Kistler’s customers retain full control of their production data.

Flexible threaded joint testing and tool calibration
cerTEST, the mobile testing system from Kistler, will also be showcased at the Motek. This testing device is powered by a rechargeable battery, making it ideal for use directly on the assembly line. cerTEST offers fast and precise testing of torque tools up to 500 Nm in compliance with the relevant standards (VDI/VDE 2647 and VDI/VDE 2645, sheet 2). cerTEST’s working surface can accommodate up to four different electrohydraulically controlled joint simulators and any desired number of external joint simulators up to 6,000 Nm. Built-in sensor technology from Kistler reduces the measurement uncertainty to less than one percent.

Another highlight on the stand will be INSPECTpro, the portable inspection system from Kistler. The company says INSPECTpro has proven its excellence time and again as an efficient control and quality assurance system: the convenient way to verify the torque and rotation angle of a threaded joint – including wireless data transmission. INSPECTpro can be operated with a wide range of different sensors, and it can be expanded to create a customized inspection system by adding optional software modules (e.g. for carry-on tightening as per VDI/VDE 2645 sheet 3). Both cerTEST and INSPECTpro are specifically designed to ensure compliance with standards. They offer extensive possibilities for data management, networking and analysis.