Israel's SolarEdge integrates EV charger with Google Assistant

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 10 Jan 2019

New features of Google Assistant introduced at CES 2019

SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in smart energy technology from Israel, announced today that electric vehicle (EV) consumers can now control SolarEdge’s EV-charging solar inverter using the Google Assistant. SolarEdge is one of the first companies to integrate EV charging with the Google Assistant.

Consumers can now tell the Google Assistant to start and stop EV charging. SolarEdge plans to add functionality to the Google Assistant commands, including inquiring about charging status, checking average miles charged in the charging session, and pre-schedule charging.

This news coincides with Google announcing all of the new Google Assistant features and with the SolarEdge EV charging solar inverter on display in the Google Assistant booth located outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.

Solar EV charger from SolarEdge

SolarEdge claims to offer the world’s first EV charging solar inverter, which offers up to six times faster charging than standard Level 1 chargers through its innovative solar boost mode. The smart speaker integration with the Google Assistant is said to make EV charging simpler for consumers and answers demand for smart energy solutions.

Lior Handelsman, SolarEdge’s founder and VP of marketing and product strategy said, “Smart homes have mainly been about convenience and interconnectivity, but the next step of the smart home is integrating smart energy management, such as EV charging. By merging the simplicity of smart homes with the value of smart energy through this collaboration with Google, SolarEdge is leading the way in making the power of smart solar energy more accessible to more people.”