International Trucks introduces Eaton Cummins transmission for its trucks

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 16 May 2018

Endurant is the new 12-speed automated transmission from Eaton Cummins

The US-based International Trucks has announced that the new Eaton Cummins Endurant 12-speed automated transmission, a 1,850 lb.-ft. (0.138 kg-m) capable heavy-duty transmission, is now available on International LT Series and LoneStar trucks.

Jeff Sass, senior vice president, sales and marketing of International Trucks said, "Offering the Endurant transmission with the Cummins X15engine on our LT Series and LoneStar trucks reflect our 'DriverFirst' philosophy, which is at the core of our product design process. Integrated advanced transmission solutions benefit our long haul and regional haul customers through reliable vehicle performance, greater fuel efficiency and improved driver comfort.” 


International LT series trucks

Endurant enhances the driving experience with smooth and intuitive shift strategies and predictive shifting that uses look-ahead technology to execute shift decisions that improve fuel efficiency and provide additional driver comfort. Along with 750,000-mile (1.2 million km) lube change intervals for linehaul applications, Endurant also features new smart prognostics that provide clutch replacement notification to better plan maintenance scheduling. 

Endurant’s maximum operating weight (GCVW) is 110,000 lbs. (49,895 kg); maximum horsepower is 510 hp (375 KW), and oil capacity is 16 pints (7.5L). The standard Endurant transmission warranty is 5-year/750,000 miles for linehaul commercial vehicles, and 3-year/350,000 miles for the clutch. One-year and two-year extended protection plans also are available.


Lonestar trucks

International Truck has incorporated its existent owner’s inputs for a mix of high-tech and traditional features, making the vehicle more comfortable, appealing and user-friendly in every detail. The commercial vehicle manufacturer that manufactures commercial and military trucks has already announced the production of the X15 Endurant vehicles.

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