Hyundai Elevate 'walking car' concept heading to CES 2019

by Lawrence Allan, Autocar UK 03 Jan 2019

Hyundai used last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil its Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV, but for 2019 it’s thinking even further outside the box with the Elevate concept.

Previewed by an image ahead of the official unveiling in Las Vegas, US, next week, the Elevate is a unique machine combining what looks like four driven wheels mounted on robotic legs for a “totally new” vehicular concept that Hyundai says will be able to “take people where no vehicle has been before”.

Few technical details of the vehicle’s mechanical systems have been revealed, but we do know that it utilises an electric powertrain alongside advanced robotic systems. 

Clues to the Elevate’s purpose include a first aid logo on what looks like a slide-opening door panel, likely intended for boarding patients rescued from terrain otherwise inaccessible by traditional ground vehicles.

It’s not yet clear whether there's any production or research intention with the Elevate concept beyond drawing in crowds at the tech show’s stands.

We can expect more details, alongside a “prototype” displaying the vehicle in action, when CES's doors open on 8 January. 

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