Hankook develops second-generation tyres for EVs

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Aug 2018

Global leading tyre maker Hankook Tire introduced its second-generation electric vehicle tyre, the Kinergy AS EV. It has been designed to meet the increasingly demanding specifications of electric vehicles. Compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles have lower engine noise, higher initial acceleration and bodies that are 10 to 20 percent heavier. In order for electric vehicles to achieve optimal performance, they need tyres designed to complement these unique characteristics.

Electric vehicles are free from engine noise, which makes road and tyre noise more noticeable, and in turn noise reduction is of utmost importance for comfort driving. The hyper-low noise environment is created with the application of advanced noise reduction technologies. The Kinergy AS EV is said to show maximum quietness by applying techniques that reduce the noise produced from tyre and the road. Technology to reduce a certain frequency that incurs when driving through optimum pitch arrangement was also applied.

Electric vehicles are usually heavier than normal vehicles, so each tyre needs to take on more load stress. In order to cover the extra weight, the company says that the tyres are produced with the best material that can currently be applied to tyres, the Aramid Hybrid reinforcement belt, and employs extra-load reinforcement structure. This allows little or no increase in diameter even in high-speed driving and minimizes tread block distortion when changing direction, thereby maintaining optimum grip force to provide exquisite handling performance and significantly improve handling stability.

Another key improvement is the application of Aqua Pine compound, resin extracted from conifers and consist of environment-friendly vegetable oil. With the new compound, performance is said to improve on wet roads, securing agile handling and braking in all road conditions. This improves driving stability while reducing tyre slip and minimizing tread abrasion to deliver the high power of the electric motor and powerful initial acceleration with no loss.

Kinergy AS EV will be available in Korea this year, and a global launch is also under review for next year.

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