Ford Mustang tops best-selling sports coupe for fourth year in a row

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 17 Apr 2019

American carmaker Ford's iconic brand, the Mustang has for the fourth year in a row claimed the title of 'Best-selling Sports Coupe' in 2018, which according to the company saw over 113,066 cars being sold across the world.

Ford marks Mustang’s 55th anniversary on this National Mustang Day, which it says will see enthusiasts everywhere celebrating the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the fourth consecutive year. From Australia to Peru, Mustang reigns as the best-selling sports coupe in the world for 2018, selling 113,066 cars, according to data from IHS Markit.

The period not only marks the fourth straight year of Mustang’s global leadership as world’s best-selling sports coupe, but also as best-selling sports car in the United States, where Ford sold 75,842 Mustang's last year.

Jim Farley, Ford president, global markets said: “We broke the mould when Ford launched the Mustang 55 years ago. Nothing says freedom, the wind in your hair and the joy of driving like Mustang; it’s an icon. The roar of its V8 on a spring day, there’s nothing better. No wonder it’s the most popular sports coupe in the world.”

In 2018, Mustang was sold in 146 markets in 2018, based on worldwide Ford sales data. Till date, more than 500,000 sixth-generation Mustangs have been sold worldwide since 2015, with the pony picking up an additional half point of global share last year to capture 15.4 percent of the segment. This was fuelled in part by the new Mustang Bullitt, which exceeded global sales forecasts by 25 percent. The global sales data are based on IHS Markit 2018 total new vehicle registrations for all sports car segments and the U.S. sales is based on 2018 industry reported sales.

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