Ford demonstrates all-electric F-150 prototype in a towing challenge video

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 Jul 2019

Ford’s prototype all-electric F-150 tows 10 double-decker rail cars and 42 2019-model year F-150s, weighing more than 1 million pounds for 1,000 feet

In a one-time short event demonstration, Ford used its prototype all-electric F-150 to pull ten double-decker freight rail cars weighing over 1 million pounds for 1,000 feet. The feat was completed by Linda Zhang, chief engineer of Ford F-150 development team.

Ford claims that the F-150 all-electric prototype towed far beyond any production truck’s published capacity. If the empty rakes were not enough, the Ford team did another round of towing with 42 2019 Ford F-150 SUV trucks loaded in the ten rail cars. They chose the number 42 to commemorate the F-150s 42 years of sales domination in the US SUV market.

Ford has confirmed it will bring an all-electric F-150 to market. It was announced by Bill Ford when Ford was celebrating 100 years of manufacturing leadership at the Rouge plant where an F-150 is built every 53 seconds. This will be in addition to the all-new F-150 Hybrid that goes on sale next year. Ford guarantees that both the electrified models will have the toughness, capability and innovation that F-150 customers have come to expect. No specifications are known for the electric F-150 prototype.

The conventional Ford F-150s base engine is a 3.3-litre V6 engine that makes 290 hp of power and 359 Nm of torque. As part of the upgrade package, Ford offers the F-150 truck with turbocharged versions. The 2.7-litre EcoBoost V6 comes with a 326 hp power output and a torque of 542 Nm. The F-150 also comes with a 3.5 litre EcoBoost engine that produces 375 hp power and 637 Nm of torque. The top of the line Raptor edition produces 450 hp of power and 691 Nm of torque.

Ted Cannis, Ford’s global director of electrification said, “This demonstration showcases our commitment to remain the clear leader in trucks as well as to highlight our commitment to the future of electric vehicles. We’ve already announced plans to bring an F-150 hybrid to market that can act as a mobile generator. We are also working feverishly on our plans to reveal our fully electric, Mustang-inspired SUV.”

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