Filtration solutions supplier launches new protective venting for vehicle powertrains

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Feb 2020

Donaldson powertrain vents in Screw-Fit and Hose-Fit designs.

Donaldson Company, a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration products and solutions, today introduced a new vent to help protect vehicle powertrain enclosures from contaminants and pressure stress.

Donaldson now offers four powertrain vents (PTV) – the Screw-Fit and three Hose-Fit Powertrain Vents – that bring standardised assembly and long vent life to vehicles operating in harsh conditions. All Donaldson PTVs feature the industry’s first oil-coalescing pre-filter to help maintain airflow.

Powertrain vents help protect a vehicle’s transmission, axles and other components from harsh environments and mediate pressure changes that can stress housing seals and gaskets.

“Powertrain venting is crucial to the performance and reliability of a vehicle, but common vent hoses have been cumbersome to install in a standardised way and tend to clog with lubricants,” said Nathan Malek, general manager of Integrated Venting Solutions for Donaldson. “Our compact powertrain vents easily integrate into any powertrain system, and their unique pre-filter keeps them working longer and performing better than comparable vents.”

Conventional venting hoses can be up to 10 feet long, while Donaldson vents measure a mere two inches or less in length for faster, standardized assembly across multiple vehicle models. The Hose-Fit Vent fits like a cap over the end of a short vent hose, and the low-profile Screw-Fit Vent screws directly into the powertrain housing.

To address the biggest threat to vehicle venting – a build-up of oil film that reduces venting airflow – Donaldson powertrain vents have a coalescing pre-filter made of proprietary Synteq XP media that sheds oil.

“By efficiently capturing oil particles at the coalescing stage, our vents have advanced performance and service life,” said Dustin Waller, research and development project engineer for Integrated Venting Solutions at Donaldson.

The two powertrain vents join Donaldson’s growing automotive venting product line, which includes a Dual-Stage Battery Vent as well as Snap-Fit, Press-Fit, Weld-Fit and Screw-Fit Vents for numerous other vehicle components, from headlights and sensors to fluid reservoirs. For more information about Donaldson Hose-Fit and Screw-Fit Powertrain Vents or other differentiated solutions, 

The Integrated Venting Solutions (IVS) business unit of Donaldson designs technology to protect enclosures and devices from particles, water, oils and other liquids while allowing pressure equalization in and around components. Donaldson IVS serves a wide variety of industries including medical, electronic and automotive applications.