Faurecia’s two cockpit solutions win German Innovation awards

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 12 Jun 2018

Part of its ‘Cockpit of the Future’ solutions, France-based Faurecia’s ‘Morphing Instrument Panel’ and ‘Immersive sound experience’ concepts recently won the German innovation award. The award is presented by an independent and interdisciplinary jury from industry, science, institutions and the financial sector.

Founded by the German parliament and supported by the German industry, the German Innovation award recognizes products and solutions across industries that differ from previous solutions especially in terms of user experience and added value.

Both innovations provide a unique and personalized user experience for the connected, predictive and versatile 'Cockpit of the Future'.

The morphing instrument panel

Faurecia has drawn on its expertise in mechatronics, kinematics and design for this instrument panel. When the driver switches from driving to autonomous mode, the display glides from the driver’s side to a central position and simultaneously the instrument panel surface smoothly adapts its shape. Both movements are managed by Faurecia’s self-developed micro-mechanisms and materials. During driving mode, the display can be used as a driving cluster giving driving information and safety signals, and can also act as a central screen for navigation and media. During autonomous mode, the display becomes a large entertainment screen visible for all passengers.

Immersive sound experience

Faurecia has integrated innovative technologies and advanced software algorithms to create two individual sound bubbles, allowing each occupant to listen to something different or receive a telephone call without being overheard. Sound surfaces create omnidirectional sound directly from the interior surface without integrating any loudspeaker. Faurecia claims that the system offers higher degrees of design freedom by reducing packaging space and weight compared to traditional speaker systems.


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