Eberspacher subsidiary to set up another plant in Brazil

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 02 Oct 2021

Eberspacher is expanding its activities in Brazil. From 2022, the company through its subsidiary – Purem by Eberspacher – will manufacture complete exhaust gas cleaning systems and components such as catalytic converters and silencers for both cars and trucks in a new production plant.

“We have been successfully producing exhaust gas cleaning systems in Brazil for over a decade. We have now also been able to convince other customers of this, to whom we will in future be able to offer products to meet the next local emission standards,” said Dr. Thomas Waldhier, CEO Purem by Eberspacher, on the expansion. The company has been active in the Brazilian market with a production plant in Sorocaba since 2010. The previous location around 100km west of Sao Paulo did not allow any expansion, so the decision was made to move to the future plant just a few kilometres away. Around 160 employees will be able to accompany the move planned for the beginning of 2022. In addition, around 60 additional jobs will be created.

Digital factory with over 20 lines
Exhaust gas cleaning systems are produced for leading French and Japanese automobile manufacturers and international commercial vehicle manufacturers. With an area of ​​over 19,000 square metres, the plant is similar in size to the recently built production facility in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. Around 14,500 square metres are production and logistics space. There is also office space for the administrative areas. 

The exhaust systems are manufactured on over 20 production lines using the latest welding and forming processes. In order to ensure high quality, digital methods are used even before production starts. 

Clean mobility for future emission standards
"We have set ourselves the goal of clean mobility," added Waldhier. “The exhaust gas cleaning systems that we develop and manufacture for trucks make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in long-distance transport in South America." The P8 emissions standard will apply from 2023. This is comparable to the European directive EURO 6. This means that all buses and trucks built from January 2023 must meet this emission standard. 

In addition, the PL7 emissions standard (comparable to EURO 6) will come into force for new cars from 2022. 
The presence in North and South America is becoming increasingly important for Purem by Eberspacher, as it can reliably meet the increasing requirements for reducing emissions with its know-how and products. In addition to the production facility in Sorocaba, exhaust technology is represented by a production facility in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico and six production and development sites in the USA. In the USA, a just-in-time plant is currently under construction in Louisville, Kentucky, which will create around 200 new jobs. 


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