Creo Dynamics to power Faurecia Clarion Electronics’ acoustic system

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 11 Apr 2019

Faurecia Clarion Electronics, the newly created business group of France-based automotive technology company Faurecia, will come with Creo Dynamics’ technologies. This is possible due to a majority stake acquisition made by Faurecia in the Swedish company that is involved in acoustics and Active Noise Control (ANC) solutions.

Creo Dynamics technologies are fully complementary to the audio competences of Faurecia Clarion Electronics which include smart headrests, active surfaces, tuning algorithms and digital sound that is said to enable an immersive sound experience and personalised sound bubble.

Yann Brillat Savarin, executive vice-president group strategy at Faurecia declared: “Creo Dynamics’s unique technologies will contribute to position Faurecia Clarion Electronics, our newly created Business Group, as a full acoustic system provider delivering optimized sound performance, personalized comfort and lower-weight. Using both active and passive solutions, we will transform the user experience inside the cockpit by providing a truly immersive sound.”

Magnus Titus, chief executive officer of Creo Dynamics added: “The interest shown by Faurecia is a strong signal that Creo Dynamics has built up world-class capabilities. Combining our competence in automotive acoustics and Active Noise Control with Faurecia will bring unique new solutions to the market.”

Creo Dynamics Active noise cancellation sketch

Schematic drawing of Active Noise Cancellation technology from Creo Dynamics

Started in 2010 in Sweden, Creo Dynamics provides solutions in acoustics, fluid dynamics and smart structures to customers in various industries, primarily automotive and aerospace. The company specialises in developing active noise control for vehicle interiors.

At the CES Las Vegas 2019, Faurecia and Creo Dynamics demonstrated an individual noise control solution to enhance the comfort and privacy of the sound experience by creating a personalized sound bubble. This was achieved by using Creo Dynamics’s virtual microphone technology combined with Active Noise Control algorithms in the headrest's sound system.

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