Continental acquires Kathrein Automotive for intelligent antenna module

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 30 Oct 2018

The Intelligent Antenna Module

Continental, the Germany-based technology company has acquired Kathrein Automotive, a subsidiary of Kathrein SE, one of the leading experts and manufacturers of vehicle antennas. As per the purchase agreement signed, following antitrust approval, Kathrein Automotive and its entire workforce will become part of Continental in the first quarter of 2019.

From remote access keys to navigation to telematics, there are a vast number of interfaces for wireless communication both in vehicles and beyond. Thus, today’s vehicles are already equipped with 20 antennas and counting. Advancing holistic vehicle connectivity and new communication technologies, such as 5G, will further increase demand for high-performance intelligent antenna solutions. Analysts (Radiant Insights) estimate an average annual market growth of approximately 6.5 percent for vehicle antennas up to 2022.

High-performance intelligent antennas are the key technology for holistic vehicle connectivity

Helmut Matschi, member of the executive board at Continental and head of the Interior division said, “There would be no connectivity without antennas. High-performance intelligent antennas are the key technology for holistic vehicle connectivity. We are therefore glad to enhance our cooperation with our new colleagues from Kathrein Automotive and to continue to develop solutions for intelligent mobility together.” 

The Intelligent Antenna Module replaces the single antennas that, until now, have been scattered around vehicles by combining the antennas and the accompanying electronics into one hardware module. This not only simplifies wiring and reduces installation space, but also improves signal quality at the same time. With the Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal, specialists from Kathrein and Continental have developed a solution that allows drivers to seamlessly integrate their digital lifestyles into their vehicles by easily and comprehensively linking them up with their mobile devices. The driver has only to place a smartphone in a tray in the vehicle cockpit for the phone to use Near Field Communication and Bluetooth to connect with the vehicle’s infotainment system, charge wirelessly and link its antennas with the vehicle’s external antennas to achieve considerably better signal quality.

The Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal is a solution from Continental and Kathrein that allows drivers to seamlessly connect their mobile devices to their vehicles.

Alongside these joint developments, the Kathrein Automotive portfolio comprises of antenna systems for vehicle communication systems worldwide, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna systems for optimised data-reception, as well as antenna systems for new 5G frequency bands. High-frequency electronic products, such as compensators for mobile-data and V2X technology, further compliment the product portfolio.

The Intelligent Antenna Module and Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal is commercially available.

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