China's Baojun launches new 510 SUV with CVT

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 30 Jul 2019

Chinese automaker Baojun has launched its new 510 compact SUV featuring a continuously variable transmission (CVT) along with a quieter interior. Two variants are priced at RMB 73,800 (Rs 737,000) and RMB 82,800 (Rs 827,000).

Since the 510’s introduction in the Chinese market in February 2017, nearly 800,000 Baojun 510s have been sold in the world’s largest automobile market. The SUV is especially popular among younger consumers.

The new Baojun 510’s CVT is paired with a 1.5-litre high-torque naturally aspirated engine which develops 77 kW of maximum power and 135 Nm of peak torque between 3600 and 5200rpm. The transmission was put through extensive durability tests in extreme environmental and road conditions.

The transmission’s intelligent operation includes standard, economic and sport modes. Sensors monitor road conditions to actively shift between multiple gears for the best driving experience.

According to Baojun, continuous speed ratio changes, acceleration and deceleration are smooth and comfortable as is upshifting and downshifting. The infinitely variable speed feature maximises power output and the dynamic performance of each speed range and as a result, fuel consumption has been significantly optimised.

Is the Baojun 510 headed for India?
MG Motor recently made its India debut with the launch of the Hector SUV, which has drawn a robust customer response. While the company has confirmed plans to introduce the all-electric MG eZS in December 2019, there could be a new SUV on the way MG. Earlier this year, Autocar India published the first set of photographs showing a left-hand-drive Baojun 510 on test, suggesting that MG is studying a model smaller than the Hector to take the Hyundai Creta head-on. Baojun and MG are brands under the overall SAIC umbrella. In fact, the MG Hector is also branded as the Baojun 530 in markets abroad.   

The Baojun 510 was first showcased in 2016 and has since received a mid-cycle update late last year. The SUV is 4,220mm long, 1,740mm wide and 1,615mm tall, which makes it very close in size to the popular Hyundai Creta, which is 4,270mm long, 1,780mm wide and 1,665mm high. At 2,550mm, the Baojun 510, however, has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Creta’s 2,590mm. The SUV sold abroad comes powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine that’s good for around 115hp.

The Baojun 510 is a five-seat SUV and shares a lot of interior bits with the larger Baojun 530 (MG Hector). Its exterior styling too has a close resemblance to its larger sibling.



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