Brose parts go on London’s new electric taxis

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 13 Jul 2018

The prominent black taxis are as much a part of the London cityscape as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.  The latest generation of vehicles has been cruising the streets of Britain’s capital since the start of the year – electrically powered and featuring Brose technology. In addition to seat systems, the German automotive supplier provides window regulator motors and closure systems for the electric taxis.

Following acquisition of the London Taxi Company by the Chinese automotive group Geely, who tasked the manufacturer with updating the famous black cab, the renamed London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has been producing the iconic taxicabs exclusively with an electric drive since the beginning of the year.

As part of the modernisation efforts, the driver’s seat now features Brose systems that have already been proven in vehicles made by LEVC’s sister brand, Volvo. Brose develops the products in Coburg and delivers them to England from its Czech location in Ostrava.

File photo of a Brose window regulator.

In addition to seat structures, Brose is supplying latches and window regulator motors for the new TX model. Following its premiere in London the taxi will be used worldwide. Orders have already been received from Oslo and Amsterdam – and the taxi was launched in the German market in July.

The TX is expected to gain traction particularly in European metropolises with strict emission guidelines. It has a fully electric range of about 130 kilometres. If required, a petrol-operated generator can extend the range to over 600 kilometres.

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