Autoliv develops front-centre airbag to prevent passengers from colliding

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 18 Nov 2019

Autoliv Inc, the global vehicle safety systems leader, today announced the development of a new front centre airbag  designed to save lives in side-impact crash situations. The airbag will be showcased at Autoliv's Capital Markets Day held on November 19 at its technical center in Ogden, Utah.

The head is one of the most frequently injured body regions in any road collision potentially resulting in devastating long-term consequences for the victim. For side collisions from the opposite side, the passenger may hit the vehicle interior or the other front seat passenger, sustaining injuries to the head and chest. To improve protection for these injuries, Euro NCAP has introduced the far-side load case in the rating program from January 1, 2020. 

The new Autoliv Front Center Airbag helps avoid driver-to-interior and driver-to-passenger impact. The inboard seat-mounted airbag deploys in the space between the driver and the front-seat passenger, providing protection for them from colliding during a side impact and reduces risk of trauma to head, shoulder and chest.

"Research indicates that the new Front Center Airbag can reduce injuries caused by passengers colliding with each other by up to 80%. If there is no one in the front passenger seat, the airbag will offer enhanced driver protection from a far-side collision. It is a technology innovation that underlines Autoliv's commitment to saving lives and preventing injuries on the roads across the world," says Scott Dershem, vice-president of Development, Autoliv.

Autoliv says its front centre airbag will be introduced in 19 car models in 2020.

Hyundai's centre-side airbag
Interestingly, two months ago, Hyundai Motor Group said it has developed a new centre-side airbag, which works to separate the space between driver and passenger. Hyundai says its patented technology has helped simplify the design and reduce the weight of component to produce an airbag which is about 500g lighter than competing products. The new centre-side airbag, installed inside the driver’s seat, is expected to diminish head injuries caused by passengers colliding with each other by 80 percent. The Hyundai Motor Group says it will roll out the technology in upcoming vehicles.