Akasol showcases round-cell battery module with high energy density for trucks and buses

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 15 May 2018

Akasol claims that the vehicle range can be increased by more than 60% compared to the currently produced technology.

The new 'AKAModule 60 CYC' with its compact dimensions corresponds to the PHEV2 module format and can be installed in the system environment of this standard. Despite the very high energy density (221 Wh / kg), the 2.66 kWh battery module offers a power density of up to 433 W / kg and a cycle life of 1,500 to 3,000 usable cycles.

The 'Battery Show' in Europe also saw the premiere of the 'AKASYSTEM 15 OEM 50 PRC' high-performance battery system that uses the next generation of high-performance battery modules with high power density (up to 833 W / kg) and significantly higher energy density (about 183 Wh / kg) based on prismatic lithium-ion cells. 

The new battery module based on the round-cell battery module is designed for long-haul vehicles such as city-buses with overnight-charge infrastructure, coaches and heavy trucks. The new high-energy battery systems and the already available high-performance battery systems incorporate standardised liquid cooling using the regular water-glycol mixture already used worldwide. By continuing to adopt the modular principle, Aksol guarantees flexibility to commercial vehicle manufacturers and other users.

Stephen Raiser, co-founder and development manager of Akasol said, "With the new round cell battery module, we give buses or trucks the endurance they need to survive long distances in daily use. The significantly increased range of the vehicles also significantly reduces the requirements for a charging infrastructure in many applications."

Following the premiere at the Battery Show Europe, the two battery systems AKASYSTEM 15 OEM 50 PRC and AKASYSTEM 15 AKM 60 CYC will be available for sample applications from the end of the year. The series production is planned in the sequence. 

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