Mando bags CES 2021 Innovation Award for its Steer-by-Wire tech

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 07 Jan 2021

Global Tier 1 Korean Original Equipment Manufacturer, Mando Corporation (Mando) has won the CES 2021 Innovation award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation (VIT) category for its Steer-by-Wire (SbW) technology. Fifteen companies including Google, IBM, Bosch and Continental have also received awards in the same category.

Interestingly, Mando is partici[ating at the CES for the first time. The company says its steer-by-wire (free-mounted type advanced steering system) offers customers (OEMs and consumers) freedom and safety. 

The South-Korea headquartered company says its SbW is a pure electronic product, and electrical signal replaces mechanical movement. Thus, it provides great architectural freedom to vehicle design. With SbW, steering wheel can be freely located according to the purpose of the vehicle and can also be designed with 'Auto Stow' (take out and use when needed) function. If a steering wheel disappears, the indoor space utilisation can be maximised.

In a fully autonomous vehicle, the driver becomes a passenger and the vehicle space turns into a living space. The driver's seat can also be rotated 180-degrees to face other passengers. More diverse self-driving experiences such as reading, playing games and watching movies will be possible.

The core components of SbW are designed as the ‘dual redundant safety system.' Even with a single system failure, the entire system will continue to operate normally. Fail information is automatically recorded for future analysis. The company says redundancy is a technology that is absolutely indispensable to enable and expedite the era of future mobility such as fully autonomous driving, remote control and more.

Mando's SbW (Steer-by-Wire) is expected to be mass-produced in North America next year. The company will release the video clip of SbW, which solved the challenge  at the CES 2021 online platform on the January 11.

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