Pininfarina H2 Speed concept to enter production as track-only hypercar

by Jimi Beckwith, Autocar UK 07 Mar 2018

Pininfarina has confirmed that its hydrogen-powered H2 Speed concept of the 2016 Geneva motor show will make production, for a run of 12 track-only units. 

The 634bhp H2 Speed, produced with French-Swiss zero-emission propulsion system manufacturer GreenGT, has a top speed of 186mph (300kph). It reaches 62mph (100kph) in 3.4sec (the same as a McLaren 570GT), while torque vectoring tech ensures cornering ability. 

At 1420kg, the car hasn’t gained any weight since its concept phase, despite having grown in length, width and height. It’s 4730mm long, 1113mm high and 1956mm wide. 

The dimension changes relate to putting the driver in the best position - the H-point has been raised, for example, while the width was modified to accommodate the Michelin Pilot Sport GT 59M racing tyres. A tubular cage also required the dimensions to be tweaked. 

The vents across the car’s exterior are all functional, helping to cool the electric motors, compressors and engine compartment. 

The 8.6kg-capacity hydrogen tank can be filled to 700bar in three minutes, although Pininfarina stopped short of revealing the car’s range. Pininfarina claims that the car emits a distinct tone from a regular electric car, thanks to the hiss of the car’s compressor. 

Pininfarina describes the car’s target market as "speed- and performance-loving gentleman drivers who also respect the environment and exclusivity". Pricing details have yet to be revealed.


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