TNS TruckTrak '06 results revealed

by 22 May 2006

Leading research major TNS Automotive has announced the results of the first TruckTrak 2006 Customer Satisfaction Study, which covered over 5,000 customers across the Sales and Post-Sales experience all over India. In the key HCV category (over 10 tons), Tata Motors scores highest and also delivers the highest index of any manufacturer in any category, with 90 in the 25T Tractor Trailer segment. Eicher scores the highest in the Light and Intermediate vehicle segment (up to 10 tons). “Better infrastructure at the dealerships and the overall purchase experience at the showroom have been rated extremely high. Coupled with availability of good financing options, customers across the segments have gone away feeling they have got a good deal”, says Ravi Shankar, senior vice-president, TNS India.

While the quality of new vehicles delivered is rated very good and is fast matching customer expectations as in the passenger vehicle sector, customisation in standard features is still an improvement area, which could be a great opportunity area for companies in the future. On the other hand, ‘On-time vehicle delivery’ shows low ratings, perhaps due to the rising demand in most segments. Another key improvement area is ‘Customer interactions during delivery process’ like explaining warranty and service terms clearly. As in the car industry, Post-Purchase contact and relationship management will become key drivers in the near future.

Also, aftersales service, which is rated considerably lower than the purchase experience, is the key concern area for customers as their expectations on the overall quality continues to go higher. The happiest among them all are the Tractor Trailer customers where manufacturers seem to be getting it right as far as quality and diagnosis in service is concerned. The study also finds that managing customer expectations becomes increasingly challenging as the length of vehicle ownership increases. While it varies by segment and make, across the truck industry, the average TRIM score of 85 for owners in the up to 6 months period, drops by 13 points to 72 for customers in 12-36 months ownership period.

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