Ford reveals EcoSport compact SUV, powered by new 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine

by 04 Jan 2012

Ford has finally revealed its EcoSport SUV. Unveiled by president and CEO Alan Mulally, the global compact SUV is the second of eight new vehicles that Ford plans to bring to India by mid-decade. Created as the latest One Ford global product, the EcoSport will be a key model in expanding Ford’s presence in major worldwide growth markets, including India, Brazil and the ASEAN markets. It has been developed in South America at one of Ford’s eight global product development centres in conjunction with teams from Asia, Europe and North America to meet the needs of markets across the globe. For the Indian EcoSport version, Indian engineers were also involved in the design and development process.

Smaller in size than the conventional SUV at less than 4 metres long and built on the Ford Fiesta platform, it will create a new segment in the small car market where about 70 percent of the passenger vehicles are located. It will thereby attract a lower excise duty applicable on small cars in India.

“The all-new Ford EcoSport reflects our commitment to serve our customers with the cars and trucks they truly want and value,” said Mulally. “Our engineering team used their years of EcoSport experience to make every aspect of the next-generation EcoSport even stronger.”

The new EcoSport was developed on Ford’s new global B-segment platform, which will be the basis for an array of new small-car products from Ford in the coming years. By mid-decade, the new Ford B-platform family of vehicles will represent more than 2 million units of annual production as compact cars continue to drive global growth.

The EcoSport has been a high-seller since it was launched in South America in 2003 as the region’s first affordable SUV, selling 700,000 vehicles in nine years.

The EcoSport will be produced at ultra-modern, flexible assembly plants in India, Brazil and other markets (to be announced later). Ford says the EcoSport as a global vehicle is an example of the technical ability of the company’s global engineering and high level of integration of the design and engineering centres around the world.

Meanwhile, an all-new engine for the Indian market will debut in the EcoSport, offering the performance of a conventional 1.6-litre engine with less than 140g/km CO2 emissions. With its three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, Ford is introducing its global EcoBoost powertrain technology for the first time in India. The new 1.0-litre motor is the latest addition to Ford’s global family of EcoBoost engines, which currently range in capacity from 1.6 to 3.5 litres. Downsized EcoBoost engines feature turbocharging, direct injection and other technologies and replace larger engines with no loss of performance and with lower fuel consumption. Ultimately, this all-new engine will be made available in Ford models in China, Europe, North America and other regions. “The capable EcoSport is a perfect showcase for the advanced small-displacement petrol engine, demonstrating the strength and breadth of Ford’s development and engineering capabilities,” said Joe Bakaj, vice-president, Global Powertrain Engineering. “Fitted with a long list of innovative technologies, the 1.0-litre EcoBoost is one of the most technically advanced and efficient engines Ford has ever designed and produced,” said Bakaj.

The EcoSport will be later available with a diesel engine as well.

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