EV charging at Shell’s India petrol pumps soon

by Autocar Pro News Desk 14 Sep 2017


Global oil and lubricants major, Royal Dutch Shell is aiming to expand its operations in the Asia region and is targeting 20 percent sales coming from electric vehicle charging and low carbon fuels by 2025, as per Reuters.

The Netherlands-headquartered and United Kingdom-incorporated company currently has around 43,000 fuel stations spread across 80 countries including a little over 80 in India.  

Attributing John Abbott, head of refining, trading and marketing, the article mentions the oil major is aiming to expand in China India, and Mexico, where it sees fossil fuel growth in the next decade. But he further stated that Shell would remain focused on a future of where demand for alternatives to petrol and diesel cars would rise.

“Shell will be part of leading the de-carbonising of the energy system. We have to accept that is the way the world is going,” he said in an interview in London. He further said Shell, the world’s top roadside fuel station operator, was “working back from the customer, which is very relevant as we go through the energy transition.”

EVs and hybrid engine vehicles represented a small fraction of the billion global car fleet, but Shell forecasts it will account for about a quarter by 2040.

The Reuters report further states that Abbott said Shell wants about 20 percent of the fuels offered at its forecourts by 2025 to be of low carbon intensity, that includes biofuels, battery recharging and liquefied natural gas (LNG), that can even be used to power trucks. 


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