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Datsun India to increase brand visibility, plans speedy dealer network expansion

by Mayank Dhingra Jul 14, 2017


Brand Datsun is aiming for larger play in the Indian market. The carmaker, which will be introducing a higher-powered version of its Redigo hatchback on July 26, plans to enhance its brand footprint in the near future.

Speaking to Autocar Professional, Jerome Saigot, vice-president, Datsun India, said: “With the Redigo, we aim to provide an opportunity of mobility to the lowest segment of the market, and want to make people upgrade from two-wheelers to cars.”

“The Redigo is a good product, very well meeting the requirements of the Indian consumers. We are sure that we are offering a lot of value with the car. At the same time, getting it out to the people is the biggest focus area now,” he added.

Enhancing touch-points
The company, which is majorly utilising the existing dealership network of parent brand Nissan, looks to expand its reach and visibility in the market going forward.

Datsun currently has a presence in 275 locations, across 172 cities, with a combined network of Nissan, as well as Datsun-standalone dealerships. With this setup, the company has been able to sell 92,500 cars in the Indian market, since it became functional in early 2014.

The Go+ MPV, launched in January 2015, has sold a total of 21,248 units; the Go hatchback introduced in March 2014 has been bought by 35,626 owners; and the Redigo hatchback, launched in May 2016 has sold 31,013 units till end-May 2017.

Go+: 21,248 units
Go: 35,626
Redigo: 31,013

It has already begun with a mobile showroom drive, slated to reach more than 600 villages and Tier-2, Tier-3 towns in the country. Christened ‘Datsun Experience Zone’, the program will continue until August.

Armed with the confidence of having a good line-up of products suitable to the Indian market, Datsun India is now going to increase the number of permanent outlets further. Without disclosing a target for the ongoing fiscal, Saigot said that Datsun is diligently working towards expanding and coming up with its standalone dealership points, which are more required in the smaller towns.


Cost-efficient brand campaigns

Also, Datsun is taking an unconventional route to its brand campaigns, in order to derive maximum traction. “We cannot spend as much as the market leader, but we do have a solid and immensely competitive product. So, reaching out to people in the most cost-effective way is the best choice for Datsun India. We will be very active in the digital format and the make ourselves being noticed,” said Saigot.



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