Yokohama introduces BlueEarth-GT tyre range in India

by Mayank Dhingra 05 Oct 2020

Yokohama India, the Japanese tyre manufacturer’s local arm which has a plant in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, today introduced a new range of high-performance tyres to its portfolio.

The Yokohama BlueEarth-GT range, which, according to the company, is inspired by the Grand Touring concept, is meant to offer high performance as well as comfort. The tyre series boasts an asymmetric tread design that incorporates features like lightening grooves and blade-cut sipes to enhance wet-weather performance, alongside offering mound profile, dimple shoulders and higher pitch numbers to make the drive comfortable.

The tyre attributes also include triple centre ribs, silica-based compound along with the advanced side profile to offer extra comfort on long distance drives – the reason behind the GT branding.

According to Nitin Mantri, chairman, Yokohama India, “At Yokohama we look at the bigger picture that goes beyond pure financials. In 2010, we launched the BluEarth series, aimed at being environment friendly, human friendly and society friendly. GT is the latest addition to this family. With significant development in road infrastructure, there has been an increase in demand for better cars which in turn demands higher rim sizes and with the changing landscape, there is also an ever-growing need for performance without compromising on comfort - that is where BluEarth-GT comes in.”

The BlueEarth-GT range will be available in 26 tyre sizes, ranging from 14 to 17 inches. The company says that the tyres will be suitable for premium hatchbacks, midsized and executive sedans as well as compact and midsized SUVs.



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