Valeo launches 48V integrated compact electric powertrain in India

by Sricharan R 18 Nov 2020

Valeo's 48V powertrain solution for electric three-wheelers

Global automotive supplier Valeo today launched its fully integrated compact electric powertrain system in India. The company says this powertrain technology will aid electrification at an affordable cost for small mobility vehicles like two- and three-wheelers which are extensively used for first and last mile connectivity in the country.

Based on 48-valve technology, Valeo is pitching this integrated compact electric powertrain system as an ideal solution to power the electrification needs of two - and three wheelers. The French company introduced this technology in Europe earlier this year. Valeo’s Special Vehicle Application team in France along with the team in India is already working with key local players to introduce this technology in the market.

According to Jayakumar G, Group President – Valeo India, “We are committed to driving vehicle electrification in India through our innovative, customisable and affordable technologies. We understand that the small mobility market needs are different from the passenger car market. We are confident that this 48V advanced integrated compact electric powertrain technology will not only address this need for small mobility solutions such as two– and three – wheelers, but also play a significant role in accelerating the EV adoption in India. In addition, our 48V motor is available as a solution for hybrid electrification needs in four-wheelers.”

The key highlights of Valeo’s 48V tech are:
- It is based on air-cooled systems and enables a compact, lightweight powertrain system with a high power-to-weight ratio.

- The system comes in two variants – Motor, Inverter and Powertrain Control Unit for two- wheelers and with Motor, Inverter, Integrated with Gearbox (Reducer) and Powertrain Control Unit for three-wheelers and small load carriers.

- 48V powertrain solution delivers up to 12kW peak power and 6kW continuous power, best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of motors and can be tuned to suit the best system efficiency in most of its real world operating points and not just one point peak efficiency.

- The integrated powertrain kit with Motor, Inverter and Gearbox (Reducer) increases the ease of adaptation for vehicle manufacturers.

- The motor and inverter are validated for several million stop & go cycles – an expertise derived from Valeo’s passenger car technology.


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