TVS launches augmented reality app

by Sricharan R 27 Nov 2020

To boost the sale of its two-wheelers and inject a new dynamic into its two-wheeler business, TVS Motor Company has launched an AR app called TVS A.R.I.V.E (Augmented Reality Interactive Vehicle Experience), today. By using this app, TVS motorcycle users can engage with their steeds in a far more personal manner.

The TVS A.R.I.V.E app will make its foray with a module on the company’s flagship models, TVS Apache RR 310 and TVS Apache RTR 200 4V.

The three available modes on the app perform specific functions to ensure an all-inclusive experience to the users. The Place to explore mode creates an augmented experience of the real vehicle, by positioning the virtual 3D model of it in the AR world. The virtual vehicle can be placed on any horizontal flat surface, allowing the user to have a 360-degree view by moving around it, or by performing swipe gestures to rotate it on the screen. Users can zoom in and out the model or move the camera closer to the surface for a more precise and in-depth view.

Each module is further divided into three different modes, namely, Place to explore (AR-based), Scan a real bike (AR based) and the 3D mode (for non-AR compatible devices). Each of these modes offers multiple hotspots that highlight the critical features through an X-ray vision of the vehicle, supported by a detailed description, videos, animations, and more. The app also provides the Sell Through Process option for last-mile connectivity. Through this users can schedule a test ride, locate the nearest dealer, or book their vehicle online.

The Scan a real bike mode, on the other hand, is a combination of real objects, and AR. Users can scan a real vehicle by holding the device in front of it. Once detected, different features of the vehicle will automatically get highlighted by the pulsating hotspots on it. By tapping on them, users will get the x-ray vision of the functionality, and detailed explanation through audio-visual and textual format.

The 3D mode will be available for both AR and non-AR supported devices. Non-AR supporting devices will have only the 3D mode functionality where users will be able to rotate the vehicle 360-degree along with zoom in and out functionality, to have a better visual experience. To highlight the key features of the motorcycle, users can click on the pulsating hotspot enable icon, which will activate the key features on it, and provide audio-visual, and textual information. This option will also offer a suitable background for an enhanced experience. Here, the user can experience an aerial view of the vehicle using the camera option.

Meghashyam Dighole: This app will bridge the gap between a customer’s consideration and the decision of testing or purchase, by using AR to give a 360-deg experience of the product using audio-visual and textual formats." 


According to Meghashyam Dighole, Head - (Marketing) Premium Motorcycles, TVS Motor Company “TVS Motor Company has been at the forefront of introducing technological advancements across our products, and services. The TVS A.R.I.V.E app is an extension to that philosophy, as our customers now get an opportunity to explore our products at the convenience of their homes through the AR technology."

"This app will bridge the gap between a customer’s consideration and the decision of testing or purchase, by using augmented reality to give a 360-degree experience of the product using audio-visual and textual formats. We are sure that our potential and existing customers will find great value in this new service. We introduce the app with the TVS Apache RR 310 and TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, the flagship models from our stable," he added. 

The app provides a 360deg view, scalable models and a number of intuitive ways to interact with the two-wheeler. It also displays the key features as interactive hotspots which, when tapped, highlight the specifications of the products. The app can also scan TVS vehicles and help the user understand the products in considerable detail. Customers can also book a test ride or book a bike through the app.

While TVS’ current motorcycle line-up comprises five variants of the Apache, Radeon, Star City+ and Sport, the scooter portfolio includes the 125cc NTorq, Jupiter, Zest and Scooty Pep+. TVS is bullish that the new interactive app to help engage customers in a more heightened manner. The ARIVE app is available for download in Google Play and App Store.