TAL Manufacturing to impart robotics and automation skills to students

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 29 Aug 2018

TAL Mfg’s Amit Bhingurde with the Brabo Robowhiz Educart which does palletising and path tracing, pick-and-place and path-tracing, pick-and-place with colour sensor application, and gesture and speech

TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors, today launched the TAL Brabo Robowhiz Educart under its Robowhiz education cell which caters to universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics and training institutes.

The robot is specially designed to impart students with practical knowledge of principles and operation of industrial robots used in different manufacturing processes. It will present them with an opportunity to implement the fundamentals of application development, programming, designing and functioning of a robotics cell. This hands-on experience, according to the company, will help students develop the skills required for effective use and management of robotics and automation technology to enhance quality and innovation leading to better performance.

The TAL Brabo Robowhiz Educart comes with four alternatives for different applications such as palletising and path tracing, pick and place and path-tracing, pick and place with colour sensor application and lastly, gesture and speech recognition.

As robotics and automation grow in importance in today’s manufacturing and assembly operations, it has become imperative to train the future workforce for a smooth transition. Robowhiz Educart comes with open architecture which allows access to the controller and provides an open platform for robotics learning and development practices. It is mounted on a portable cart for the ease of application and is also compatible with softwares like LabVIEW, MATLAB, Visual Studio and Java.

Robowhiz Educart will educate students in robot programming, axis movement, trajectory movement, linear movement and computer vision. Integrating the robot with various peripheral devices such as vision sensors and seamless signal and communication interfaces will also offer a wide scope of industrial applications for students to experiment with. The students can also learn to design programs for the Robowhiz Educart to perform a host of applications.

According to Amit Bhingurde, COO, TAL Manufacturing Solution, said, “Robowhiz Educart is a stepping-stone in our commitment to facilitate the partnership with education partners which will help reduce the gap between industry and academia and develop a curriculum for training the incoming workforce to work with industrial robots. The product is open-source based and allows unrestricted access to the robot’s controller, allowing aspiring students with scope to experiment, learn and use their creative minds.”


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