Ricardo to host training seminar in Pune on simulation-led xEV powertrain development

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 14 Nov 2018

The design and optimisation of xEV automotive powertrains – including of plug-in, hybrid and battery electric vehicles – poses a new form of challenge for product development teams. As the range and complexity of electrified powertrain options increases, so too does the need to be able to simulate the key system-level interactions at the design stage.

Improved virtual toolchains are therefore needed to capture key physical processes and interactions between conflicting attributes, in an effort to reduce product development time and cost, and hence gain much needed competitive advantage.

IGNITE is a physics-based system simulation package focused on complete vehicle system modelling and simulation. With comprehensive powertrain and thermo-fluid component libraries, users can quickly and accurately model conventional to highly complex vehicle system models, hybrid-electric, full electric and novel vehicles. Faster than real-time simulation, and native design and optimisation tools, provide models that can be used at all phases of the development process in order to study a range of applications, including vehicle performance, fuel economy and emissions prediction.

How to optimise development of hybrids and EVs
In the free, two-day training event to be hosted by Ricardo Software, attendees will be able to explore how to optimise the development of hybrid and electric vehicles using IGNITE through a series of live demos and training modules. Hosted by Ricardo’s experts, attendees will learn how to create EV models and will run simulations to understand the impact of different sub-systems on vehicle performance.

“The electrification of powertrains in the form of xEV products requires a fundamentally new systems-based approach for automotive product development teams,” said Ricardo Software president David McShane. “The IGNITE product provides a state-of-the-art toolchain that enables powertrain engineers to develop more complex and sophisticated electrified powertrains more quickly and to a higher level of optimisation.  We are pleased to be able to offer this free training opportunity for the benefit of our existing and prospective customers in India and look forward to what I am sure will be an extremely interesting and useful event for those able to attend.” 

The training session is ideal for engineers interested in electric and hybrid vehicles systems and components simulations and modelling. Attendance is free of charge, but space is strictly limited. Those interested in attending should register their interest by e-mailing rs_support@ricardo.com or for more information visit: https://software.ricardo.com/events.