Poonawalla Group company h2e Power Systems working on hydrogen-powered 3-wheeler

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 04 Jun 2021

Pune-based h2e Power Systems, a Poonawalla Group company, is developing what it claims is India’s first totally integrated hydrogen fuel cell three-wheeler. Developed in collaboration with Canada-based company Hydrogen in Motion, the eco-friendly vehicle uses PEM fuel cell and innovative hydrogen cylinders

The development is under the aegis of a Indo-Canadian program funded by GITA (A Public Private partnership between Technology Development Board, Department of Science & Technology, government of India and CII).

The company says the hydrogen three-wheeler concept is targeted for inter-city public and goods transport integrating h2e’s Fuel Cell Technology with a low-cost and low pressure (50bar) Hydrogen Cylinder, which is an innovative technology developed by Hydrogen in Motion.

Sidharth R Mayur, founder and MD, h2e Power Systems said, “India is on the cusp of a big e-mobility revolution, and we are moving fast from fossil-based mobility to batteries and hydrogen. We are already producing green hydrogen from our Electrolysers and now developing a three-wheeler concept for inter-city public and goods transport using green hydrogen. We are thankful to GITA for their support to this novel idea, which has promise to amplify the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) concept in India. h2e, again, is at the forefront on the hydrogen roadmap in India.”

Grace Quan, CEO, Hydrogen In Motion said, “India is a natural market for our low pressure high density swappable hydrogen tanks H2M technology can really be instrumental in hydrogen fuel cell adoption and address India’s energy needs with a zero emission technology.  Our partnership with h2e is the beginning of a rollout of a diversity of products and applications in motive and stationary fields with our combined Hydrogen products”.

Amarnath Chakradeo, co-founder and executive director, h2e Power Systems added, “The high-pressure storage tanks always added to the challenges on the use of hydrogen in mobility, both on cost and integration. With the innovative metal Hydrite cylinders, we will bring down the cost of storage substantially and provide a higher mileage to the 3-wheeler owner and a better RoI.”

h2e claims it is India’s first company to have a product both in the stationary segment for power generation and to produce green hydrogen and also in the mobility sector.

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