Natural Battery launches specialised Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 23 May 2022

Lithium-ion battery maker, Natural Battery Technologies announced the launch of automotive safe batteries through using Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Advanced Cell Chemistry Carbon based battery for electric vehicles and Inverter Lithium Batteries for home and commercial use.

Natural Battery claims that LFP batteries lasts upto 5 times longer than a standard lead acid battery. This will not only be more environmentally safe but also customer friendly.

Puneet Jain, CEO of Natural Battery Technologies said, “Technology has been a differentiator for Natural Batteries, and this announcement for triple breakthrough comes after constant endeavors of our research team. We are actively working on marketing the new products and it will soon be available for retail customers.”

Natural Battery Technologies have developed specialized LFP Batteries that can replace lead acid batteries that are being currently used to start engines in scooters and motorcycles. The current lead batteries usually last 2-5 years when used as a starter battery. Lead acid batteries have 300-400 cycles while LFP batteries have 1800-2000 cycles. As Jain added, “the advantage of using LFP Batteries is that it is leak proof, and it lasts upto 5 times longer than a standard lead acid battery. This will not only be more environmentally safe but also customer friendly, who will not need to replace the battery as frequently.”

Responding to the current controversy on scooters and bikes bursting into fires, Natural Battery Technologies has come up with Advanced Cell Chemistry Carbon based battery for electric vehicles, that the company claims can replace the highly flammable lithium batteries. While launching the product, Jain said, “When it comes to energy storage, lithium isn’t the only option available for users of Electric Vehicles or Energy Storage Systems. The carbon-based batteries offer excellent safety with very high performance.”

These carbon- based batteries meant for EVs can be fast charged in up to 15-20mins as per the company and also boasts of upto 10-15 years life. It is also claimed to be temperature resilient. “This makes them most suitable option for changing Indian Climate. Although they are premium priced than a lithium chemistry cell, they are ideal options to be used in leasing, swapping or fleet solutions where high performance and safety is required. We are sure that with mass scale adoption of these batteries, we will be able to close the price gap also,” Jain added.

Natural Battery Technologies also announced development of home and commercial based Inverter Lithium Batteries which can be used in solar energy storage as well. These batteries are leak proof, spill proof and last upto ten times longer than the Lead Acid batteries according to the company.

Jain added, “Natural Battery Technologies is working on all fronts -- We are also working on other applications including UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), Telecom Tower Energy Storage and GIS Backup batteries. We hope to provide the market with best quality at affordable price, and technology.”


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