Mumbai-based firm develops advanced warehousing monitoring technology

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 03 Jul 2020

Warehousing  and monitoring the vast stockpiles of goods they contain is quite a challenge, more so in these days of supply chain issues. Many warehouses store expensive inventory and equipment. With people and transportation constantly flowing in and out of the warehouse property, it's a constant hub of activity. It puts them at risk for many things, like a fire, or a flood, product damage, or employee safety. Among them, theft is a critical problem.  

Most warehouses have commonly incorporated video cameras to help capture activity going on in and around the property. But in most cases, when loss is identified, the warehouse manager or security staff turn to the video security system to search for the right footage. The challenge is that there is an ocean of video footage, and sometimes none of it clearly tells what happened. This makes forensic search difficult and time-consuming. In short, conventional video monitoring systems cannot effectively help identify an intrusion event at the time it is happening and thus prevent at the very beginning. 

Accurate trespassing alarm 
In such cases, video monitoring with accurate trespassing alerts on the detection of a human intrusion event can assist and which is where Prama Hikvision’s AcuSense technology comes comes in.  

Security products equipped with Prama Hikvision’s AcuSense technology automatically send out alerts when a human or a vehicle is detected. Thanks to an advanced deep learning algorithm, technology precisely distinguishes and categorises objects into ‘human’, ‘vehicle’, and ‘other’.

Alarms triggered by the ‘other’ objects such as a beam of light, an animal or the movement of foliage are disregarded, leaving the true events which are associated with humans and vehicles for users and security personnel to focus and act. Additionally, related videos are automatically sorted by categories for easier search.

Focused tech in action
In the warehouse setup, AcuSense cameras are installed to stay alert day and night. According to Prama Hikvision, if an intruder enters an area of attention, an alarm will be triggered; simultaneously, the onsite AcuSense camera produces a flashing light and an auditory warning – which can be pre-recorded – with the aim of frightening the intruder away. This transforms the traditional passive monitoring to active deterrent. At the same time, security staff is notified with an alert on the monitor or on the tablet during patrol. Accordingly, a video clip upon that trespassing event displays what is happening. If needed, security staff can call the police immediately to take action. 

The company says warehouses with an existing Hikvision video monitoring system can benefit from AcuSense technology without a full system upgrade. If the front-end cameras do not need replacing, warehouses can incorporate either a Hikvision AcuSense NVR or DVR, easily giving them efficient target search on humans and vehicles events. Conversely, if warehouses are looking for a proactive deterrent solution against intrusion activities, AcuSense network cameras can be added or used to replace the legacy cameras at key locations. When anyone passes by, the camera flashes and delivers an audio alarm to ward off the intruder. 

Mumbai-based Prama Hikvision, a leading video security solution provider, has a manufacturing facility near the city, 51 branches and a workforce of 2,700 staffers.


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