Maruti’s future models may have ADAS

by Mayank Dhingra 25 Apr 2022

Maruti Suzuki is slowly upping its game when it comes to active safety systems on board its models, and has said it is evaluating the possibility of introducing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in its cars sold in the country.

"We are currently in the process of testing ADAS and will see whether we can incorporate it into our vehicles," said CV Raman, CTO and senior executive director, Engineering, Maruti Suzuki India. The company recently introduced camera-based safety features such as a 360-degree camera in the second-generation Baleno hatchback as well as the updated XL6 MPV. The system utilises a reversing camera along with three additional cameras mounted each at the base of the outside rear-view mirrors (ORVMs) and one upfront.

Raman also said that from an Indian perspective, features such as lane-keep assist and autonomous emergency braking still require a little bit more understanding of India’s road conditions. "People don't really follow lane driving in India and so, it doesn't necessarily help," he said.

"We are, however, seriously evaluating blind-spot warning and feel it has benefits India and is a part of our strategy," Raman added.  The blind-spot detection system essentially uses the ORVM-mounted cameras to relay traffic information to the driver while he changes lanes.

Through its parent Suzuki, Maruti Suzuki India has the advantage of getting the camera- and radar-based ADAS technology readily available but "as and when we feel that it does make sense and benefits the Indian customer, we will roll it out", Raman told Autocar Professional.

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