Mahindra Electric bets on Kerala EV policy to drive Treo sales

by Nilesh Wadhwa 25 Sep 2019

L-R: K R Jyotilal, IAS, Principal Secretary, Transport, government of Kerala and Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric.

Mahindra Electric, one of the leading electric vehicle maker in the country, is betting big on the Kerala government's state EV policy. Kerala aims to convert 200,000 two-wheelers and 50,000 three-wheelers to electric by 2021.

The state government envisions to embrace electric mobility as a tool to promote shared mobility and clean transportation and ensure environment sustainability, pollution reduction, energy efficiency and conservation. It also aims at creating an ecosystem for manufacturing EV components in Kerala.

The government announced its ambitious EV policy that aims to facilitate 1 million on road EVs by 2022, a pilot project in 2020 that aims to achieve electric vehicle to the tune of 200,000 two-wheelers, 50,000 three-wheelers, 1,000 goods carrier, 3,000 buses and 100 ferry boats in the state. In terms of last-mile connectivity three-wheeler's are a popular mode of transport, and the policy aims to issue and renew permits only for e-autos that will see a gradual ban of ICE-autorickshaws. The government also plans to procure over 15,000 electric three-wheeler starting next year. The priority being to convert existing ICE three-wheelers and buses to EVs followed by four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

Commenting on the Kerala's EV policy, Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric said: “Today we take another significant step in electrifying god’s own country. Kerala has already taken the lead in electric mobility in India with its own EV policy and now with the launch of the Treo range of all-electric three-wheelers Kerala is set to embrace the next generation of mobility. With the longest range in their respective segments, Treo and Treo Yaari are going to be a great fit for the state’s first and last mile mobility needs.“

K R Jyotilal, IAS, Principal Secretary, Transport, government of Kerala: "We are looking to convert about 200,000 two-wheelers and 50,000 three-wheelers to electric by 2020-2021. There is a big scope for tourist spots in Kerala like Munnar and tech parks in big cities to take the lead in electric mobility in Kerala. Very certain god’s country will use natural resources to make the state god’s own EV country."

What's interesting is that the Kerala government offers a additional subsidy of Rs 30,000 on electric three-wheelers in addition to FAME scheme benefits.


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