Key role for simulation in manufacturing of electric motors

by Sricharan R 25 May 2022

With a global shift taking place towards electric-powered mobility, the need of the hour is an agile approach in the R&D of electric motors. This is where simulation comes to play. This was the essence of a comprehensive presentation hosted by Autocar Professional in partnership with COMSOL, where Dr Rahul Bhat, Senior Applications Engineer, explained the use of Multiphysics Simulation which reduces need for physical prototyping. 

In his presentation, Dr Bhat said, "COMSOL has fully parametric and ready-to-use AC/DC parts for coils and magnetic cores across categories including single-conductor coils, homogenised multi turn coils and magnetic cores.”

The presentation on ‘Designing Efficient Electric Motors with Multiphysics Simulation’ also showcased a live demonstration of the software used in simulation. Dr Bhat pointed out that Multiphysics simulation enables engineers to perform quick iterations at a fraction of the cost. In addition, he said that customised user interfaces can facilitate target users to take advantage of various aspects of simulation.

“Using COMSOL, Volkswagen Kassel shared an app to build and distribute simulation applications to automate, analyse and standardise the development process,” he said citing an example of the use of the simulation technology. 

Dr Bhat also shared various examples during the presentation on how Multiphysics Simulation helps in R&D. With this, users can test their products even before a physical prototype is made. Concluding the two-hour webinar, he took a variety of questions from the audience.

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