Hyundai updates Click to Buy online platform user interface

by Mayank Dhingra 12 Jan 2021

Hyundai Motor India (HMIL), which had rolled out its ‘Click to Buy’ all-India online car-buying initiative in April last year, has announced that it has revamped the user interface of the integrated portal on its website.

The company has enhanced the user experience by curating a better user interface, as well as made process enhancements aimed to instil more confidence among customers to make them switch to the end-to-end online retail service.

Key improvement areas on the updated portal include:
Increased transparency and customer trust: Precise on-road price from the very beginning of the online purchase journey to enhance customer’s trust in the Click to Buy process.

Quick response to customer enquiry: Auto assignment of sales consultants to give quicker response to customer enquiries.

Easy finance eligibility check: Providing customer a precise indication of his or herloan eligibility limitright in the discovery phase of the online car buying journey itself. 

Full online finance integration: Full online finance integration with four of India’s top private banks on board. ICICI, HDFC,

Virtual showroom experience: 3D configurator with audio hotspots (in English and Hindi languages) to providecustomers a real-time buying experience.

Flexible buying options- Customers canknow stock availability as per product and dealer selection. Customers can now also choose a preferred dealershipon Click to Buy based on Google Ratings.

Enhanced online journey: Intuitive and interactive website UI/UX to ease customer’s online buying journey.

According to the company, Click to Buy is designed to facilitate end-to-end retail of Hyundai cars online, thus, making the buying experience contactless, safer, convenient and hassle-free. With the new version, Hyundai will cater to the needs of all customers including millennials for purchase of new Hyundai cars. All Hyundai models including the new i20, Creta and Venue are available on the portal and this would act as an additional sales channel for over 600 Hyundai dealerships across India. 

As per W S Oh, executive director, Corporate Planning, HMI, “Being a global technology leader, Hyundai is creating benchmarks in the auto-industry by introducing most advanced customised solutions for new age progressive India customers. Click to Buy will widen the purview of our customers and enable them towards safer, quicker and contactless transactions. We are committed towards making customers life a happy Life and be Future Ready to set newer paradigms in the digital retail space.”

Since the introduction of the portal, Hyundai Motor India claims it has received over 47,000 customer registrations, 54,000 enquiries, and close to 4,300 bookings. The total visitor count on the website is claimed to be touching the 7-million mark.

In a recent Autocar Professional online conclave, Tarun Garg, director, Sales and Marketing, HMI, had said, “The shift towards digital has been quite a dramatic one. At Hyundai, our digital inquiries have moved from being placed between 10-12 percent in 2019 to now in the range of 25-30 percent during the months of May and June 2020 during the middle of the Covid-19 crisis.”

Garg had further added, “Digital penetration in the hinterland is very much there and technology, with the lowest cost of Internet in India, is diminishing the demarcation between urban and rural areas.” 

“After integrating our outlets in the urban areas on the CTB platform, we managed to integrate our entire rural sales channel online, but were surprised to see that within just one week of floating the idea, more than 30 percent of our dealer partners from the hinterlands opted to get digitally connected, completely knowing the scenario of their local markets well,” he said.