Daimler India CV begins upskilling its workforce  

by Autocar Pro News Desk , 06 May 2021

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles today announced the first-of-its-kind ‘Daimler India School of Quality’, designed to equip employees with a robust quality mindset.

Aligned with the company’s strategic objective of providing world-class products and services, the program enhances core competencies of employees across all levels to reinforce quality as a way of life in DICV. With a tailor-made, certified curriculum offered completely free-of-charge to all employees, DICV aims to upskill its employees for a future-ready organisation. 

According to Satyakam Arya, MD and CEO, DICV, “We hire the best people today and invest in their training to ensure a highly-skilled talent pool for tomorrow. The Daimler India School of Quality is yet another way to give our employees the right tools and mindset needed to build the best products and processes. This enhanced quality is reflected in our BharatBenz portfolio and the vehicles we export to more than 60 markets worldwide.“

The ‘Daimler India School of Quality’ consists of three levels. The Foundation level covers ‘Basic Quality Tools & Methods’, the Secondary level teaches ‘Advanced Quality Tools with Six Sigma Approach’, and the University level focuses on postgraduate and research programs. Employees are assigned various courses at different stages of the program based on their qualifications and experience.

Courses include modules on quality management systems, quality control tools, failure management and more. Each module combines classroom theory with practical application sessions and real-world projects, all conducted on-site and during working hours at the company premises. Employees are evaluated at each level and rewarded with certificates and badges upon completion.

The first batch of students comprising around 3,000 DICV employees will undertake the Foundation level over the next 12 months, with Secondary and University levels continuing beyond April 2022. DICV is also looking at options to offer the program externally as paid training in the long term.


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